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Be Safe: Your Personal devices at risk
A complex device is ineffective in emergencies if you're unfamiliar with it. Before a crisis, practice using alarms, location sharing, and SOS features. Test emergency service connections. Most companies allow test runs; complete the call and confirm your safety. Familiarity ensures quick, effective use during stressful situations.
Be Safe with your gadgets

Ensure readiness: Test your new device before emergencies arise. Practice setting off alarms, sharing your location, and activating SOS features. Confirm emergency service connections work. Inform and prepare emergency contacts too.

Stay prepared: Keep your device easily accessible for quick use during solo activities or in dark areas. Don’t rely solely on technology; remain aware of your surroundings.

Explore options: Consider alternative safety measures if traditional methods are insufficient. Use apps that alert trusted contacts instead of or in addition to emergency services.

Be cautious: Recognize that even the best devices have limitations. Batteries can die, signals can be lost, and location tracking may compromise privacy. Share your location only with trusted individuals.

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