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My computer is too slow
What does “slow” mean?
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This is a tricky one – what does “slow” mean? There could be several reasons for this, too many open tabs, too many processes, malware, fragmented disks, RAM failing, not meeting the minimum setup requirements for the software they are trying to use, or someone has been messing around with settings. You could have too many random processes happening automatically on start-up – these not only make the PC slow to start but hog resources needed for more useful things. It might even be that the computer has not been properly shut down for weeks so loads of obsolete processes are still fighting for resources.

Solution: The old faithful of switching it off, waiting and starting again could easily fix it as it will flush the RAM. If that doesn’t resolve it, scan for malware to rule that out. Then you can check the running processes, see what hardware the operating system recognizes (to make sure RAM is still operational) and check if any patches are outstanding that could improve performance.

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