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PC turns On, but no display
It’s frustrating when your computer starts and the power light comes on, but all you see is a black screen.
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To find out if you have a hardware issue with your computer or your monitor, you can try testing the monitor with another device. If the monitor works with another device, your issue may be with the computer, and you can try the strategies outlined in this article. But if your monitor still doesn’t work, your issue may be a hardware fault with the monitor, and it may need to be fixed or replaced.

Some devices use beep codes or LEDs to signal malfunctions if the display can’t show the error. You’ll need to listen to the number and length of beeps or check the LED color. Then refer to your manufacturer’s user guide to identify the issue. This may help you determine which of the solutions you should start with in this post.

Here are eight strategies to try getting your display to work again. If you have any concerns, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional. Missteps from trying to troubleshoot may make it more difficult to recover data if it gets to that point.

1. Wake the device or restart graphics drivers
2. Ensure cables are connected and working
3. Disconnect all peripherals
4. Perform a hard reset
5. Update graphics drivers
6. Reset BIOS settings
7. Reseat memory modules
8. Check individual components

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